Liquid Biocell Reviews

In this video I’m going to talk about Modere’s liquid biocell in Pure and a review on if it really does work. Does this liquid biocell collagen live up to the hype? Modere’s biocell has 7 international patents and helps with aching joints, nails, hair and skin. Biocell pure has zero grams of sugar and is great for the keto diet.

Modere Liquid Biocell

Ribosome under synchrotron light (Nobel Laureate Venki Ramakrishnan) (2019)

Key Points.

In this interview Venki Ramakrishnan reviews part of his work on the structural resolution of the ribosome, for which he was jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2009.

He discusses the role that synchrotron facilities have played in unravelling the structure of the ribosome and how cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has become an essential tool for structural biologists.

He concludes with an overview on his current research activities at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology.

The full original article is available at:

Venki Ramakrishnan. If you ask the average non molecular biologist what a ribosome is, almost nobody would know. This always struck me as very surprising because everybody thinks they know what a gene is. Each gene contains information for how to make a particular protein or how to regulate the making of a protein. These instructions are encoded in our genetic material, which is a long molecule called DNA. In the DNA molecule there are hundreds of genes, which are represented as different sections within the DNA itself. Each section that contains a gene, contains information on how to make a particular protein or how to regulate it. Although the genetic information is stored in DNA, each gene is copied into a molecule called messenger RNA (mRNA) because it carries the genetic message. The mRNA goes from the nucleus to the cytoplasm of the cell. There, a large molecular machine – the ribosome – reads this genetic message and then, based on the instructions, stitches together a protein. This process is called translation because you are going from the language of DNA to the language of polymer. What the ribosome does is right at the crossroads of biology, it is the bridge between genes and the information they contain to making the products that are specified by the gene.

Ribosomes were discovered in the 1950s, but they are enormously complex molecules. To understand how it works, just as with any other molecule, you want to know what it looks like, how it interacts with the genetic message, how it stitches together amino acids to make a protein, how it moves, etc. To do that you need to understand its structure, you need to be able to visualize what the ribosome actually looks like, and not just in one state, but what does it look like as it is carrying out its function. That was a long complicated effort, which required several groups to determine its high resolution structure. From there it was then possible to understand some of the key functional mechanisms, such as how it reads the genetic code accurately and how it makes the peptide bond, which is the bond between amino acids. Because of that the Nobel Prize in 2009 was awarded to three groups.

After the structures of the ribosome were resolved, it was then straightforward to determine the structure of the ribosome with various antibiotics bound. That part became just a straightforward extension of the original structure. So for the first time we could visualize in atomic detail how these antibiotics bound to the ribosome. That not only allowed us to understand how these antibiotics worked but it also to understand why resistance would occur. For example, with a certain mutation, why these antibiotics would not work, or if the antibiotics were modified by some resistance mechanism.

At the moment we are looking at how ribosomes know where to begin reading the message. The way that is done is very different in bacteria and in human ribosomes or in yeast ribosomes. Yeast and us have more similarity because we are what are called eukaryotes, where cells contain a nucleus. Our ribosomes are more similar than those of bacteria. We are understanding this process called initiation, which involves a number of proteins that come and bind to the messenger RNA and to the small ribosomal subunit to bring it to the right beginning point, where it can begin translating the gene and making the protein. It is a highly regulated process and when it is deregulated it can lead to things like cancer. Moreover, there are viruses that can hijack this initiation process by having their own kind of machinery that does not require all these protein factors from the cell. The result is that all of the translation is diverted to translating the virus’s own genes. So, it is a way for the virus to stop the ribosome from making the host proteins and begin making the viruses proteins instead. This is a very interesting problem and some of our effort is focused on that.

We also have organelles in us called mitochondria, which are remnants of bacteria that were swallowed up by another cell about two billion years ago. Although they have been in us for two billion years they still retain a small genome and for that they have their own ribosomes (mitoribosomes), which translate their genes. These ribosomes have differentiated quite a lot from both bacterial ribosomes and from our own ribosomes. So, they are interesting biologically. They are also important medically. In fact many antibiotics are toxic as they bind to our mitochondrial ribosomes because they are sort of descendants of bacteria; they are bacteria-like in some respects. Antibiotics that normally might not be so toxic end up being toxic because they bind to our mitochondrial ribosomes. So, it is important to understand their structure for that reason and many genetic diseases map to mitochondrial ribosomes. We solved the structure of mitochondrial ribosomes along with Nenad Ban’s lab in Zürich. We were to some extent competitors, not collaborators, but friendly competitors. These structures are now paving the way for understanding how mitochondrial ribosomes work and possibly how mutations in them might cause various diseases. That is another area.

Finally, we are trying to understand how cells are regulating translation. If ribosomes get stuck, how does a cell rescue ribosome and regulate the whole process of translation and maintain quality control? How does it know when things are have gone awry, when you need to stop translation and begin again? These are sort of some of the areas we are working on.

Copyright notice. This blog article is a derivative of by V. Ramakrishnan et al., used under CC BY 4.0. The present blog article is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Gogoro 2 飛旋踏板

身為Gogoro車主 深深覺得原廠都把配件拔掉再另外高價銷售!!

身為孩子的媽當然能省則省囉 這次開箱的配備,不僅超值!還比原廠更實用呢^^


Gogoro 2改裝配件


World first unboxing of Ryu Studio Sasuke statue final product. Sasuke is the 3rd statue of their Naruto line.


For their first product overview you check out from this link



For specs and details of Gaara
Statue:Ryu Studio – Naruto Shippuden – Sasuke Uchiha Premium Statue


Modere Liquid Biocell

Modere Reviews- Do the products really work?

In this video I’m going to give you a review on Modere’s products. Are they really worth all of the hype? Does the liquid biocell really work? Does their liquid gold, fat blaster really do all it says it can do? Modere’s trim is best combined with their Lean Body Sculpting System or M3 weight loss and has been clinically proven to shrink fat cells and increase lean muscle. Add in the liquid biocell and you will have a full dose of collagen and will be feeling amazing in no time!

Modere M3 Diet

Grab your $10 off coupon below using this link:

Lean Body Sculpting System:

Liquid Biocell:

Healthy Eating

Living healthy is important in the life of human beings, this is because you will be able to carry out your daily activities and at the same time monitor the upbringing of you loved ones especially children.

In the recent past, many people lost their lives at tender ages; this is because they were not able to take of their bodies. When it comes to taking of the body, there are many things that are required though many people will argue that all the body requires if food. This is not the case in the modern world for many people have adapted to programs that are meant to aid the functioning of the body.

Trying To Find Me

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claudia ionas colaj

Claudia Ionas

Va multumesc ca imi apreciati activitatea profesionala si va invit sa vizionati un nou colaj Claudia Ionas si Florin Ionas – Generalul – Colaj etno 2019.

Datorita voua cele mai cunoscute melodii ale mele sunt: Astazi fac 18 ani, Am dragut mama nu stie, Inima sa nu fi proasta, Cand in ochii tai privesc, Ce sa fac daca-mi placi.

Pentru a afla primii noutatile abonati-va!

Va invit sa apreciati, sa comentati si sa distribuiti si acest nou colaj
Claudia Ionas si Florin Ionas – Generalul – Colaj etno 2019
din care fac parte urmatoarele melodii:
00:25 Cand in ochii tai privesc
04:48 Zodiac
07:07 Ce sa fac daca-mi placi
09:45 Vagabond te-am stiut
12:35 De dragul tau
15:38 Sa nu stai fortat cu mine

Noul material Claudia Ionas si Florin Ionas – Generalul – Colaj etno 2019, este creat de tatal meu Florin Ionas – Generalul, caruia ii multumesc foarte mult atat pentru activitatea profesionala cat si pentru cea familiala – “Iti multumesc draga TATA”

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Why Use A Real Estate Agent To Sell

Why use a real estate agent? In this video I explain why the relationship with your real estate agent is so important.

Real Estate Agent

Having a relationship with a real estate agent whom you are comfortable with and whom you trust can benefit you multiple ways whether you are a buyer or seller.

Sometimes the relationship your real estate agent has with other agents can make the difference between whether you get the house of your dreams or not.

Want to search the Nashville MLS?

Download the Homescout app:
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Need help with real estate in the Nashville area? Call Rhonda at 615-554-0832.

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Landing Page vs Funnel

This is the fifth video os complete affiliate marketing training course 2019. In this video I have explained step by step how to create a landing page or a funnel for affiliate marketing and I have covered all of the steps for creating a Professional Landing Page or Funnel.

Landing Page vs Funnel

I have used clickfunnels for creating a landing page or funnel for affiliate marketing because it is the best funnel builder out there and It is very easy to setup retergeting in clickfunnels and all of the templates used in clickfunnels are tested and sales optimised. This is a complete tutorial for setting up your landing page.

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